Cleanliness and keep checking of the place where you lived is the basic requirement of the place as it is concerned with personal hygiene to several extent. Without examining the hygiene of the residential and commercial buildings, there are much more chances that the number of the stuff in the building is fuss with the number of microbes and insects and thus eroding the quality of the furniture, carpet, and other accessories of the living buildings. Meanwhile, the renovation of the building is also important as any unchecked task causes trouble for the residential people.  Here, we will discuss squeaking carpeted floors and the modes of how the experts fix them.

The squeaking carpeted floors are caused when the nails of the subfloor that carry the weight of the building are not adjusted properly. The un-adjustment of the subfloor with the nail joist causes a gap between them. The residential buildings have floors manufactured from the boards that causes to lose due to this gap in humid weather, this gap causes a sound while walking on them, and this unpleasant sound is referred to as squeaking. The other reason for the squeaking carpeted floors is the absorption of moisture from the surrounding. In many cases, in the rainy season, the subfloors of the building get shrinkage due to the coldness of the weather, and gaps are created.

Modes to fix carpeted squeaky floors at DIY principle:

The residential floors are mostly covered by carpets and carpets are usually fixed by glue or other sticky substance that keeps the carpet in its place. The squeaking carpeted floors are also fixed on the do-it-yourself (DIY) strategy at the small residential place. Here, we will discuss how we can fix carpeted squeaky floors at the residential place.

  • To adjust the location of the joist under the subfloor, take 6 to 8 inches of wire attached to the drill to examine where the actual problem is without damaging the upper carpet of the floor. On the location of the joist, mark the point that has to be treated.
  • While fixing carpeted squeaky floors, if the driller drills above 16 inches, it means you are in the direction of the joist run and try to move in the perpendicular direction.
  • Once the joist is located, take a screw and turn the screw to make a small hole in the carpet from beneath the subfloor of the building. The hole helps the carpet prevent itself from catching the drill machine while drilling the screw on the respective joist.

Press the subfloor with the knees so that the screw is tightly fixed to the joist and does not lose the floorboard, thus completed the task of the fixing carpeted squeaky floors.