Top Benefits By Acrylic Face And Photo Mounting

Mounting is a common phenomenon applied to almost every other film, picture or painting. One such method is called acrylic face mounting involving the application of acrylic film over the print and later fastening it. Another type of fixing is photo mounting blocks that adds adhesive to a print or picture acting as a substrate. This fixes and provides a supporting platform or mounting board to the picture. These mounting approaches offer better artistic and visual representation to the artwork.

Benefits of acrylic face mounting

Hanging a print or drawn painting is quite conventional and appears old-fashioned in different respects. However, the current trends involve the use of mounting, particularly the acrylic mount applications. The process of acrylic face mounting involves the fixture of adhesive onto the print and later dispatching the print to acrylic. This modification makes your print sharp and chic with a clear and better appearance. The one visual benefit achieved by acrylic face mounting is the addition of extra depth to the image by framing or the white back drop. It further enhances the normal durability and stability of the image print. The mounted picture is built to last for a long span.

One can easily sell acrylic mounted picture for display purposes in markets, halls, for indoor and outdoor set-up too. Employment of a traditional wood or glass frame is more common and less expensive than the investment of acrylic face mounting. Although, acrylic mode is more famous in the West still, it is opted for the aesthetic appeal.

Photo mounting

This is another different type of mounting that is accounted n the addition of adhesive solid or rigid material onto which a print or image is fixed. This is referred as photo mounting. This is considered a sort of picture fixing or sealing onto a lower platform in order to give image some artificial depth. This approach is in practice for years as a part of photograph framing, however, with the innovations of foam boards and aluminium set-up new horizons have opened. These new methods are used for photo mounting without the incorporation of any frame.

The variety of means for mounting introduced is trendy but can corrupt the image due to the presence of chemicals. The photo mounting adds extra spacing between the art piece and the mount surface creating a free breathing area in between the both. This makes the image shine with better visual representation. The use of mounting in photos and images can prevent the problems of wrapping, folding and buckling. A photo mounted is more favoured to be hanged with beautiful display, higher image weightage and extremely less chances of damages.


Acrylic face mounting is a new approach of adding acrylic paint to the print after adhesive is applied to it. It makes the picture sharp and more effective. The photo mounting is a way to avoid the use of chemicals to lift off the image and invest boards to carry over the picture, in order for a good appearance